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Precious Elderly Form

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Precious Youth Form

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Companions Project

The Companions program is a multidimensional outreach program that deals with loneliness & care on a number of levels. Family members may have all the love in the world for their parents/grandparents/aunties/uncles/children but they may not have the time to act on that love.

It is a demanding world in which we exist in this day & age and it is due to an understanding of that reality that we have spent a lot of effort in designing the companionship program. This program aims to address the elderly and the youth alike. Those that may not have the opportunities to socialize with their fellow human beings & may fall into depression as a result.

We will provide outings and activities for our precious elderly members where the youth can also participate, bridging the gap between young and old, mixing youthful drive and creativity with wisdom and experience.

Youth programs also address youth directly who may be struggling in life & may not have anyone to turn to. Alas, suicide is now one of the most frequent causes for death as a result of stress, anxiety, loneliness & the likes.

Fill out the form to the left if you would like to sign up an elderly that may enjoy our program by using the 'Precious Elderly Form.' If you are a youth that is in need of mentoring, participating in our youth outings & the likes fill out the 'Precious Youth Form' and add a guardian if you need their permission or if you are a Guardian filling out the form on behalf of the youth in question.

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