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In the world there is over 1.7 billion Muslims, over 2 billion Christians, over 100 million Jews, 100s of millions of Buddhists & Hindus. If calculate the percentage of religious people on our planet, it would constitute over 85% of the worlds population. It is imperative, therefore, to ensure people of other faiths and other cultures get to know one another. Lack of knowledge will bring with it suspicion, fear, anxiety & even hatred.

By getting to know one another and knowing why each of us believes in what they believe, we can bring about understanding and break down the barriers that produce negative qualities. In this day and age there exists a large number of atheists as well, theists and atheists must also communicate and work together to bring about social and economic well-being.

Interfaith is not about pretending to agree or pretending there are no differences, rather, it about learning the differences and understanding the perspective of the other. Regardless of our background many of us have common issues and concerns in life, be it financial difficulties, anxiety, stress, depression, drug addiction, domestic violence & the likes. As such, we need to utilize the experience found within diverse cultures and faiths and ascertain what can be of benefit from them.

If your organization is interested in conducting and interfaith/intercultural seminar, please contact us via the contact form below.

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