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Homeless Run

There are homeless on our streets and in our community, some there by choice, others forced to be there. Either way, do you think they need our help?

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words as They Say

Welcome to the Sacred Outreach homeless run blog. Please note, this space is for constructive endeavours alone. Please do not participate if you are focused on producing a dysfunctional, careless member base. We want to inspire hard work and greater care for the world around us and the inhabitants therein.

“Homeless by choice or homeless due to circumstances. Both the former and latter scenarios require our efforts. If one chooses to live on the streets, we need to ensure they is no underlying (negative) reason for them to make that choice. If there isn't we need to provide friendship if that is what they need” (Sh. Soner Coruhlu)

Let us keep the discussion engaging and thought provoking. A solution for the homeless of today may be one for us tomorrow. We have come across many homeless who were doing extremely well back in the day.

Strategies & Activities

What is it that can be done. Our 'grass roots' level work indicates a growing number of homeless. What precautions can be taken to reduce the numbers in the long run? Volunteer training seminars for the homeless, sponsorship programs or something similar?

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