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Community Needs

What other projects do you feel is required. A requirement can be ascertained based on an ailment. What societal ailments do we face in this day and age?

We need a checkbox of our society's current ailments

Time to discuss, reflect and resolve. The collective whole, in general, can accomplish a lot more than a single individual.

“A general societal problem is our problem, a general societal ailment is our ailment. Producing a remedy for a society's issues is a remedy for our own issues.”

Where is there a gap, if any, a shortfall, if any. Can we compare our surroundings today with what is was 40 years ago? If not, is it due to an improvement or detriment where ethics, morality, care and empathy are the focus points.

What Difference Can I Make?

Never assume a single person cannot make a difference. A single person can indeed make a difference, especially if they unite with like minded, caring individuals in the process.

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