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Sacred Outreach (Transparent) Charity

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

So many organizations now exist implying they are take no funds at all for the charity that they do. This is indeed a noble accomplishment. It is imperative that such organizations are completely transparent with their funds, even their financial history.

Giving to those that need, not securing profits off their backs

From the moment an organization claims they are providing 100% of their funds to the poor, that is the moment their transactions should be made completely transparent. Indeed there would be absolutely no need to keep such transactions hidden, it is ALL going to the needy anyway, is it not?

“A charity is a sacred trust. It is an illustration that those who run such organizations have a genuine care and consideration for the poor and the destitute. An organization may of course require an admin fee but those that do not, should be completely transparent”

Members and community leaders should be invited on a regular basis to witness the accounts first hand and open to investigate which banks host an account.

Transparency or Secrecy?

A catch 22, if they are completely admin free, no need to keep their accounts hidden from the public but if they utilize their right to do so, does that justify concern? Difficult balance in an age where opportunists are a common occurrence.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding our transparency or if you wish to witness our bank account.

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